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Some Deer Point Lake Area Residents Not Happy Over New Rehabilitation Center
Kelly Baumgarten

People in the Deer Point Lake community are upset about a small group home set to open in their neighborhood next year. It would be called Titus 2 and would help women with addictions. A ministry group called Titus 2 is planning on opening a faith based recovery home that would house and rehabilitate six women or less at a time who are battling addiction. But not everyone in the neighborhood is behind the project. The residential community group home will be built somewhere in the Deer Point Lake area, some residents have reached out to Bay County with concerns." "We've received about 10-12 phone calls from residents in the area," said Bay County Community Development Director, Martin Jacobson. Most of the residents want to know what the program is all about and why they're just now hearing about it. "Fear of the unknown primarily is my understanding," said Jacobson. Jacobson says it's an issue that's out of the county's control. "Florida statute is pretty clear for community residential homes.. if you are serving 6 or fewer individuals state law preempts local jurisdictions from regulating those types of uses," said Jacobson. Many residents say they're not against a group home, but they don't believe it belongs in a residential area. They've even hired an attorney to try and stop Titus 2 from moving into the neighborhood. However, some residents don't seem to have a problem with it. "I haven't heard a lot about it, but from what I have heard being faith based and small groups at a time if there's people out there willing to take a stand and step up for themselves to take accountability and get better, I don't see any problem. I think it's a great thing," said Kevin Tolar. Kathy Byrd, the program manager of Titus 2 ministry tells News Channel 7 she's been harassed by her neighbors over the issue. She says she's filing a harassment suit with the sheriff's department.

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