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Central Panhandle Fair Hosts Hundreds of Families Wednesday Morning
Zak Dahlheimer

Wednesday was a beautiful day for Rick Spikes as he spent it with his daughter Heather and her friend Anna at the Central Panhandle Fair. "They look forward to these days every year because they get to come out and have fun here on the Midway," Spikes said. Spikes and his family joined hundreds of children and families by the bus loads to play hooky Wednesday at the fair, trading in their pencils and books for some ponies and bumper cars. Bay County Sheriff's Deputies helped host the event along with airmen from Tyndall Air Force Base, hanging out with families on a day where no one was different. "They come out here with their other classmates, their teachers, and their parents," Bay County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Ruth Corley said. "They don't have to worry about holding up the line, being lifted and put on one of the rides. You see the looks on their faces and they're having a ball." On what Spikes called a special day for special kids. "These kids out here with special needs, their days aren't always as carefree as normal children here in the county," Spikes said. "It's special, and I would give anything I had for every day to be like this for these special needs kids." According to organizers, around 1,500 kids went to the fair Wednesday morning. Corley said Florida Department of Corrections officers also helped out with the event.

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