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PCB Police Add Four Dogs to the Force's K-9 Unit
Carly Hildyard

Police introduced a few furry members of the force to Panama City Beach City Council members at Thursday's meeting. Four K-9 unit dogs and officers returned from five weeks of training this week. The dogs are the newest members of the Panama City Beach Police Department after the public donated $75,000 to establish the unit this year. The dogs have many uses, like drug detection, crowd control and demonstrations at schools. Police Chief Drew Whitman says the relationship between an officer and his K-9 is a life-long bond. "The dogs are anywhere between two to three years old. Those dogs will be on the road for the next eight to 12 years. Those officers are young. They're going to be with that dog their whole career," Chief Whitman said "So I wanted to show case that, showcase what they're getting, and then I could discuss spring break issues. They're going to be great for crowd control and great deterrents when they're out there on the street." The dogs live at home with the officers. They're paid an additional $100 each month and come in late or leave early to care for the dogs.

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