Tue Oct 21 23:34:15 PDT 2014
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Jury Seated for David Clanton's First Degree Muder Trial
Jamie Hale

A jury was seated today for the first degree murder trial of a Bay County man. David Lee Clanton is charged with murdering his father-in-law, Arthur Moore. Moore's body was found at the Steelfield Landfill several weeks after he was reported missing. In October of last year, investigators say Lottie Jean Moore asked her son-in-law, Clanton, to kill her husband. Mrs. Moore allegedly supplied the rope used to strangle Arthur Moore. She and her daughter, Mary Clanton, David's wife, are accused of making false statements to investigators about what happened. Investigators say the trio admitted to killing Arthur Moore, then dumping his body in the Steelfield Landfill. The trial will resume Tuesday morning.

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