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Leon County Deputy Shot and Killed While on Scene at a House Fire

UPDATE 1:35 P.M. Leon County Sheriff's Office has identified the law enforcement officer killed in the November 22 shooting in the Plantation Woods Subdivision as 47-year-old Deputy Christopher Smith. According to Leon County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Smith and Deputy Colin Wulfekuhl were responding to a call about a house fire in the Plantation Woods subdivision when the suspect ambushed Smith and killed him. Deputy Wulfekuhl was wounded when the suspect shot him, but his bulletproof vest stopped the bullet. Officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect for an estimated 12-13 minutes, until the suspect was shot and killed. The suspect in the shooting has been identified as 53-year-old Curtis Wade Holley. Law enforcement officials stated that Holley had previously expressed anti-government sentiments and that he had discussed harming law enforcement. They believe Holley intentionally set his house ablaze with the intent of harming as many law enforcement officials as possible. The case is still considered to be under investigation. ----------------------------------------------------- A Leon County Sheriff's Deputy is dead after an early Saturday morning shooting. Leon County Sheriff's officials confirm, that around 10:15 Saturday morning, deputies arrived to a house fire in the Plantation Woods Subdivision in Tallahassee. The first responding deputy was shot and killed, the suspect took the deputies weapon, and shot and wounded a second deputy. More deputies arrived on scene, and shot and killed the suspect. "As he continued to walk down Caracus Court, additional first responders in the area encountered him, engaged him, and killed him. There are a lot of components at work right now. This is still active. It is still developing. We are still at the very beginning phases of this investigation," says Lt. James McQuaig, Leon County Sheriff's Office. At this time, the names of the deputy and suspect have not been released.

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