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Callaway Fire Consumes Mobile Home
Sanika Dange

A Callaway family is starting over Thursday, after crews fought a fire that destroyed their home and spread throughout the property. The State Fire Marshal spent most of the morning investigating the cause, but the family is just thankful no one was hurt. The couple that usually sleeps in the mobile home that's now just rubble thankfully didn't spend the night here. They stayed next door but they said they were woken by loud popping noises. It sounded as if someone was banging on the door. As firefighters fought to contain the fire and smoke engulfing Paul Macklin's belongings early Thursday morning, only one thing was on his mind. "That's the first thing I thought of when I seen it," Macklin explained, "When I seen it burning, was my grandfather." Twenty years ago, Macklin could only watch as his grandfather's home burst into flames. His grandfather was trapped inside. "I was standing outside and couldn't do anything about it," remembered Macklin. "I haven't thought about it until now. It brings up old memories, it really does." Macklin and his girlfriend usually stay with the homeowner of the mobile home, who acts as their father figure. As the three of them begin sifting through a total loss, Macklin is once again facing a harsh reality. Four trucks, 2 ATVs and a trailer were damaged in the fire. Macklin estimates a total of about $20,000 to $25,000 in damages. But despite the grim outlook, Macklin says they're trying to stay positive and move forward. "That's the way it goes sometimes," said Macklin, "Like I said, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, so that's what I pretty much realizing that now so like I said, we all got a bunch of work we gotta do now." Unfortunately, the homeowner doesn't have insurance so now it's just a matter of cleaning up and starting over.

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