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Unincorporated Areas of Jackson County May Soon Sell Alcohol on Sundays
Brian Hill

Buying alcohol on Sundays in unincorporated parts of Jackson County is one step closer to happening. Tuesday, commissioners moved closer to possibly changing their current alcoholic beverage ordinance. The change could be an economic boost. For residents in unincorporated Jackson County buying alcohol on Sundays can be tedious. "You would have to drive 15 miles to purchase it. I think it's very inconvenient because a lot of older people, they may want to have a drink before their lunch or before they go to bed," said Two Egg resident Bessie Dixon. People can only buy alcohol Monday to Saturday, and it can only be sold 2,500 feet or more away from schools and churches. But now the Department of Community Development wants county commissioners to adjust those policies. "It's really trying to remove some of the difficulty of selling alcohol in places that was once either allowed to sell it," said the department's Planner Wilanne Daniels. Changes would including selling on Sundays and moving the distance from churches and schools to only 300 feet. "I think we can create a more level playing field for all the businesses in the county. There won't be a concern for when we get a new business that wants to sell alcoholic beverages there won't be a concern," explained Jackson County Administrator Ted Lackey. A second option would change the distance to just 300 feet in commercial and mixed use areas. If approved, it could bring in extra money to the county. "You could look at it as there are restaurants that would I'm sure be hesitant to come to a county that they are limited on their alcohol sales on a Sunday, so I'm sure that is possible that there could be some financial gain in that regard," said Daniels. The county will talk more about the changes at their February meeting.

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