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Presence of Synthetic 'Marijuana' Cloud 9 Rises in Bay Co. Schools
Carly Hildyard

Synthetic drugs, like the ones shown in this video, have been making their way into Bay County in the past several years. And Bay Co. Sheriff's Office officials say a form of synthetic marijuana is appearing in Bay Co. high schools. This particular drug is known as Cloud 9, but it's actually not new to the area It was briefly sold over-the-counter in 2010 before Bay Co. Sheriff's Deputies helped make it illegal across the state. Officials say it's made from breaking down chemicals from household items like bleach cleaners and sprinkling them over plants. It's smoked like marijuana, but the similarities end there. Drug enforcement officials say one of the most dangerous things about Cloud 9 is that it's even compared to marijuana in the first place, when in reality it's a chemical cocktail. Captain Faith Bell says while all drugs have their own dangers and side effects, synthetic drugs pose a whole new danger because you don't know what you're getting. "Just because they say they're imitation or they say it's legal stuff, it's very unpredictable and very dangerous. There are real stories out there about people ending up in comas or the middle of nowhere. Just because it's imitation or it's what they call 'fake weed,' it's really not. It's much worse," she said. Bell says side effects from synthetic drugs include chest pain, high blood pressure, paranoia, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts or behavior. And those side effects can completely vary from person to person. Captain Bell says different reactions in users are making it difficult for people experiencing side effects to be treated in the emergency room.

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