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Travelers Saving Money on Gas This Thanksgiving Weekend
Brian Hill

Roadways will be pretty busy this week as more than 40 million people are expected to travel for thanksgiving. According to AAA, 80% of travelers will be driving to their destination. The highest since 2007. They're also reporting gas prices are the lowest they've been for Thanksgiving in five years. This time last year--- the average price of gas in Florida was $3.46 a gallon. It's now $2.80. Some say that savings goes a long way. "It's gonna save us a little bit of money because we're gonna have to stay at a hotel for a couple nights up here. So uhm, you know we have a small car for gas mileage savings, but i think, you know, every 10 - 20 cents makes a big difference on a long trip," said Crystal River resident Daniel Kampschroer. He is traveling to Fort Walton Beach and expects to be there Wednesday night.

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