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Memorial Thunder Beach Bike Parade Honors Fallen Hero
Samantha Read

Saturday morning, bikers and residents came out to honor a former Panama City Beach Police Officer. Every year, a memorial bike parade is held in honor of Sergeant Kevin Kight, who died in the line of duty back in 2005. Bikers from all over came out to enjoy the parade, and remember a fallen hero. "I think its great cause they're doing away with stuff like this and I just think its great, people come out and visit and communicate and just have fun," said Ron Castner, a biker from Pensacola. "It's just really great to have something close to home, for us anyway. " The parade sponsors the Panama City Beach Police Department, who escorted the bikers during the parade. With donations from Saturday's parade the Panama City Beach Police Department will use the money during Thanksgiving and Christmas to help support local families. The event not only benefit's a good cause, but it is in memory of a good man. Sergeant Chris Boyer of the Panama City Beach police department says he was the third person on scene when Sergeant Kight passed away, and this parade is one he takes part in every year. "Its very special to me to see everybody come out here and support him and his family Christina and Brandon, its nice to know this day and age people still support the police department," Said Boyer.

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