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Millville Resident Complains of Days Old Carcass in Spillway
Brian Hill

"The smell is horrible,” Michelle Herman explained. “In the afternoon it gets worse, mainly because of the heat. I get out my vehicle and I hold my breath 'til I go in the house. The smell still makes its way into my house." The Panama City resident is describing the smell of carcasses along a spillway near her Millville home. "On Wednesday morning after I got back from work noticed a terrible stench and we searched the yard to see if it was a dead animal anywhere and we finally made it out to here and we saw three carcasses we thought were deer, but now we're thinking alligator,” Herman said. Herman says the public works department inspected the spillway Wednesday and found a piece of broken plywood there that was causing the carcasses to not be able to pass through. Other residents in the area had no idea the carcasses were in the spillway. "I've never known of a carcass being in the shallow edge there,” Barbara Ford said. “They need to pay more attention to this area. With the spillway draining into the Watson Bayou, Herman believes the carcasses could pose health problems. “I'm hoping they come fix the problem underneath the bridge, so that they can get the carcasses out and I would hope that whoever is dumping these would stop,” Herman said. NewsChannel 7 reached out to the Panama City Public Works Department about the issue, and sometime after the conversation … they came back to the spillway and removed the carcasses. We also reached out to Mayor Greg Brudnicki and he said since the carcasses were in water, Florida Fish and Wildlife is who Herman should have contacted. The city cleans them up if they are on land.

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