Donald Trump receives all 29 Florida Electoral votes

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WECP-WJHG) -- Applause erupted in the Senate chamber of the state capitol after all 29 GOP electors cast their vote for Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence.

"Let the record reflect that Donald J. Trump received 29 electoral votes for president of the United States," said Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner.

The meeting took place before Detzner. The constitutional duty goes back more than 150 years, and this presidential campaign year, Florida was again, a big get.

Among the electors are state party leaders, elected officials like GOP state committeeman Peter Feaman and Attorney General Pam Bondi, or just people with personal connections to the presidential candidate. 

"We knew that all 29 would be for Trump," said one elector, Clint Pate.

Pate is an elector hailing from Jackson County. He was picked two months ago for the job.

“It meant a lot to me that my party felt confident that I could represent the state of Florida,” Pate said.

Also represented at the capitol building were protesters, vehemently demanding the electors change their vote.

"Vote your conscience! vote your conscience!" The protesters shouted.

Pate says he'd been received letters and phone calls the past several weeks from citizens urging him to change his vote.

“They're asking us to vote for someone besides Trump,” Pate said. “Vote for Bernie, vote for Hillary, or don't vote at all.”

But they never swayed Pate, who proudly cast his vote for the president-elect.

"I got lucky to be one of the 29. Someone said we were making history today and we were, and that kinda hit home to me."

After the vote was taken Monday, a "certificate of vote" with the results will be mailed to the national archives, where it becomes part of the nation's official records. The votes are counted in Washington, DC on January 6th and the winner will be declared.