Apartment Complexes rolling out dog DNA tests to catch owners who don't clean up after their pet

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The days of sneaking off without cleaning up after your pup are over. Many apartment complexes across the country are offering a brand new amenity, dog DNA testing. The staff at Edgewater Crossings are tired of picking up dog droppings, so they're rolling out a new policy to catch the culprits and it's not optional.

"Yeah I mean it's your dog and if your dog craps in somebody's lawn, it's like kind of disrespectful," said Dog Owner and Edgewater Crossings Resident Tori Crews.

Crews and her family have two dogs and she says she always makes sure to pick up after them.

She said, "I mean, yeah you should be responsible over your dog."

Crews says she was pretty surprised to find out about Edgewater's new policy.

"I think it's crazy," said Crews. "Like this is the first time I've ever heard this."

In their January newsletter, the Edgewater Crossings apartment complex announced that dog owners will be required to pay a $50 fee to have their dogs DNA tested.

"I feel like that's a little bit over the extreme," said Edgewater Crossings Resident and Dog Owner Rimon Cotton. "That's above and beyond in my opinion."

Then if they find dog droppings on the property they will test those against the DNA and if it's a match with your pooch, you'll have to pay up, but Cotton believes he has a better solution.

"As neighbors, have a reward," said Cotton. "Maybe someone gets $50 off their rent or something like that catch somebody in the act, take a picture. Send it down to the front office that way it is not everybody is going to have to suffer from the act of paying the $50."

Dog owners will have to pay $200 if their dog is found to be the culprit. We did reach out to Edgewater Crossings and they said they can't comment without permission from their corporate owner, and so far we have not heard back.