DMV will soon release most secure license to date

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - The DMV is getting ready to issue new Florida licenses that will aid law enforcement and also protect Floridians against fraud.

The new card was designed with help from law enforcement and other government agencies to make it the most secure license to date.

The card includes a number of new identifiers that will help police quickly identify fake IDs. Major Dave Northway with the Tallahassee Police Department says the new features will come in handy in cities with high college student populations.

“This is just some more steps that are going to make it harder for them to be able to process them, create them,” said Major Northway.

Different types of IDs will also come in different colors. Blue for a commercial license, green for a drivers license and red for a state ID.

Captain Jeffery Bissainthe with the Florida Highway Patrol says new symbols will also be put on the cards, which will signify everything from a card holder having a boating license to having an insulin dependence.

“That would give the officer more indication as to what they were dealing with and how to communicate with that person a lot better,” said
Captain Bissainthe.

Major Northway says the inclusion of a symbol for those who are deaf or hard of hearing is particularly helpful.

“We come into contact with a lot of people who are unconscious. Either from medical emergencies or something of that nature so if someone was we would be able to get to their ID and see if from that designation on there if there was any concerns we should be aware of," he said.

The new IDs will be available in eight Florida counties by the end of August. They'll become available statewide by 2018.

The new license will also have nearly twice the anti-fraud features as your current license.

Cost for licenses won’t increase with the new version. A first issue costs $48 and a replacement $25.