Fathers watch their sons play in local baseball tournament

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Fathers took their families out to the ball game over Father's Day weekend.

Teams from in and out of the state competed in the Battle at the Beach Baseball Bash at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach.

The fathers we spoke to said their sons' baseball team has become a family.

"It is a second family, so to speak, we're all very close knit. Everyone sees everyone's child as their own. We all take care of them, pick on them, look after them," said William Combs, the father of a player on "All Out" baseball team.

Rowdy Smith, another "All Out" father said traveling for baseball is tiring, but worth it.

"It is strenuous. He practices two to three days a week. We have to travel at least 30 minutes for him to practice," Smith said.

The fathers at the tournament agreed these family moments are significant.

"It means the world to me, it means everything to me. I actually, I've lost a son before, and to lose one but be able to come out here and watch another play, it definitely has its rewards, and I have my daughters here with me," Smith said.

Shawn Wasielewski, a coach for the BlackSox baseball team, has the chance to coach his son.

"It's good, it could be difficult at times. He's at that age where it's hard to coach, but I enjoy it a lot. I pretty much look at all these boys as my boys at this time, so I enjoy it a lot," Wasielewski said.

As for an advice for dads, the fathers at the Battle at the Beach said fathers should cherish every moment they have with their kids.

"Spend time with your kids, love them, support them. Do whatever you need to do to be around them," Combs said.