Finding a babysitter in a world of scary stories

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -- Finding a babysitter can be difficult, but pair that with the fears you get from horror stories, and it can feel impossible.

A police lieutenant and a child-care director have some advice for finding a good sitter. Both said finding a babysitter is nothing like finding a day care.

"There's an accountability factor that's not there when you have a private babysitter," said Jamie Williamson, the director at Sunshine Kids Child Care in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Williamson said to ask friends, coworkers or even employees at your day care for people they may know.

"It's somebody your child knows,” Williamson said. “It's somebody they're comfortable with, and it's usually somebody that's already been background checked and first aid CPR certified."

Look for someone who has experience and actually enjoys working with kids. Make sure they are clean, and make sure they are willing to clean, or at least clean up after your kids.

After you find someone, spend some time with them, and have your child spend some time with them to see if it's a good fit.

You might be able to tell just from their interaction, but Lt. John Wilson with Twin Falls Police Department said to ask your child how they felt about the person.

"I think the first thing you do is talk to your children when they've stayed with a babysitter,” Wilson said. “Get their feedback. Ask your children, 'If we left and needed a babysitter again, would this person be the one you'd want to babysit?' And then ask why."

Wilson said to trust your gut feeling, and if anything's off, you can find someone else.

While finding a sitter can be scary, the director of Sunshine Kids Child Care said it's important to take time for yourself to be a good parent.

"People need to recharge and refresh themselves and have fun with their spouse and get out of their home,” she said.

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