Local sons and daughters tell us what Father's Day is all about

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - From the local parks to the piers, dads all around Bay County spent their Father's Day outdoors.

"Father's Day is all about treating your father good and giving him what he wants."

"Father's Day is special for me because it's a day I can thank my dad."

"It means that when Father's Day comes, it means that you do stuff with your father and that you get him presents."

Many kids around town tell us they've learned a lot from their dads.

"The biggest thing is fishing and he's also taught me a lot about football and sports, baseball, and just being overall a good person."

"He taught me to be a real man and he taught me how to fish."

While each of the sons and daughters we spoke to gave us a variety of answers, love and appreciation were among them all.

"Giving my father love and thanking him for all that he has done."

"I'm just very thankful and I make sure my dad knows how much I appreciate him."