Senator Nelson talks proposed wastewater well in Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Senator Bill Nelson is against the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's plan to allow the installation of a deep injection well at the Springhill landfill in Jackson County. He made sure the people of Jackson County know his stance and that they have his support.

"People are rightly scared here. I certainly want the EPA to meet with them and to suggest other alternatives," Senator Nelson said.

Senator Nelson sent a letter last week to the acting regional administrator of the EPA expressing his concerns. One local woman shares his concerns and is worried if the plans for the well go through, the future will be affected.

"It may not be in my lifetime but it could definitely be in my grandchildren or my great grandchildren. To me that water is the most important thing we have," Johnnie Roberts, a Jackson County resident, said.

Senator Nelson got input from local officials.

"I got a lot of good suggestions of what I can do what the county and city commissions are expressing to me is that everything has not been explored," Senator Nelson said.

Local officials told him at the meeting that garbage from Georgia and Alabama are being unloaded at the Springhill landfill.

"Trash that's coming to the landfill is not just northwest Florida. It's coming in from Georgia and Alabama, well why should we take their leachate and force that down underneath our state? Let them treat their own garbage and take care of their own leachate," Senator Nelson said.

Senator Nelson also said disposing of the potentially hazardous material could endanger Floridian's drinking water supply.