Transmitter Road and 7th Street will be closed on Monday, as road project continues

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SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A busy roadway through Springfield is still under construction, but has made some major improvements.

Water lines, muck and another road found under the road have caused difficulty in the Transmitter Road project, but progress has been made.

Transmitter Road from 15th to 11th street is completed as far as sewer lines go. That area is ready to be paved and re-surfaced.

The Springfield city mayor says crews are working hard to get it done, but more temporary road closures are to come.

"Next Monday, we'll be closing down 7th street and Transmitter to re-do that manhole and take it all the way down to Detroit Avenue on 7th street. So that area will also be closed for about a week," Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond said.

Transmitter Road will be back open after all the sewer lines are completed. The entire project however, is expected to be done in early 2018.