Trashcans invite potential thieves during holidays

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -- Holiday gifts come with a lot of cleanup, including boxes, trash bags, and some may even reveal the contents that are inside your home.

Law enforcement agencies warn against placing electronics boxes in plain view of the street so as not to invite a burglar.

One Twin Falls, Idaho resident says he isn't concerned.

“I have no concern. If they want what we have here, they are more than happy to get it,” said Thomas Glover, homeowner.

To protect your home against thieves, you can either cut up the boxes yourself or take them to a recycling facility.

It's also important to remove any personal information or labels to protect someone from getting your address.

“So getting rid of the loot, we piled it up in the garage until the evening until we got everything together, and then Christmas night is actually when I started putting this stuff out,” said Glover.

If you plan on placing your trash out on the curb, try to appropriately stack the items to make it easy for garbage collectors to grab.

Be sure to keep in mind weather conditions that might influence the state of your trash pile.

You can also contact your local waste company to see if they can adjust your pickup day/time if you are out of town.

“Idaho is great. We come from Arizona. I know Idaho is really personable. They help out quite a bit whenever people are in need, so it's a great place to live, you know, they take care of us,” said Glover. “So we try to do our best to get the trash together in a neatly way so we can take care of them as well.”

It's never a bad idea to spread out your trash and boxes over a few pickups to not become a major invitation.

Law enforcement recommends staying alert as a thief might wait a few weeks until they target a home.

Another trick is to fold boxes inside out so that the labels are hidden.

It's also best to wait until trash day to bring down your can, instead a few days early that might become a giant advertisement.

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