Tuesday Forecast

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

It's a quiet morning on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar despite a few clouds cruising up from the south. We should still see a beautiful mainly sunny morning.

Temperatures were chilly, but warmer than past mornings, mainly in the 30s starting off the day. We'll see a wave of warmer conditions push in after this morning's last chill.

Winds have already shifted to the south and that will help increase the moisture content in our air over the next several days.

The Comfort Index will feature increasing moisture, but keep it at tolerable levels today, and that will be important when it comes to our potential for rain today and tomorrow. More on that in a few sentences...

The increasing moisture and temperatures cooling off tonight however could lead toward a foggy start for some tomorrow, and for the next several mornings.

Satellite and Radar depict our area of high pressure now drifting further to the northeast. However, it's elongated down to the southeast where we sit at the base of the ridge. That drives our winds in from the south and will combine with an area of low pressure ejecting out of the plains to help drive up the warmth over the next couple days. And among this new buoyant warm and more moist air mass we could see a stray shower develop.

But that's about the extent of it, a small stray shower.

Temperatures for the foreseeable future will move into the mid 70s in the afternoons after today, and morning lows starting tomorrow morning will only dip into the 50s!

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies with afternoon temperatures warming up to slightly above seasonal average in the mid 60s.

Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will keep us relatively mostly to partly sunny for the next couple days with the heat cranking up in the afternoons to the mid to upper 70s.