Tupelo honey not as plentiful this season

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WEWAHITCHKA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - As Wewahitchka prepares for its Tupelo Honey Festival on Saturday, they admit it won't be as sweet as usual. There hasn't been as much tupelo honey this season. The owner of Smiley Honey told us his haul this year is dramatically less than normal.

"In a good year, we'll get a hundred drums of honey. Which would be a 640 lbs per drum. What is that? 64,000 lbs of honey. That's a lot. This year we got three drums, so it's a little bit lower," Brian Bertonneau, the owner of Smiley Honey, said.

The tupelo season is normally between April 15th and April 25th. Bertonneau told us, the reason for the shortage is the tupelo blossom blooming sporadically this season.

"It's an agricultural crop just like any other crop," Bertonneau said. "You can have a crop failure. Some years the conditions are really good and you make a lot. Some years they're not and you make a little."

Despite the disappointing season, Smiley Honey is still buzzing with activity. One man and his friends traveled all the way from Jacksonville just to visit Smiley Honey and learn more about tupelo honey.

"Someone brought us a gift of one bottle of tupelo honey from here last year," Dan Wilensky said. "We had never heard of it. It's fabulous! We were really interested in the history of it and the fact that it's only produced two weeks of the year. So we came here to see a piece of Florida that we've never seen!"

Wilensky and his wife bought more than 72 jars of the tulepo honey on their visit. They told us they are looking forward to going to the honey festival on Saturday.

Smiley Honey is hoping next season will "bee" better.