UPDATE: Deputies say Saturday night shooting victim was not actually shot

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PANAMA CITY UPDATE: According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, a victim who claimed they had been shot in the head Saturday night was not actually shot.

Deputies responded to a home on Temple Ave off of Highway 388 on Saturday night around 6:45 in reference to a shooting.

Officials arrived to find a victim with a head wound. The victim said he's been shot in the head and drove away from the scene of the shooting to call 9-1-1. He was taken to a local hospital.

Deputies took the shooter into custody for questioning and also interviewed witnesses.

Investigators found out that the victim and the shooter, Barry Tuner, were fighting on Turner's property right before the shooting. The victim and Turner's daughter, they say, had been fighting most of the day. The victim, deputies say, sent threatening messages to Turner's daughter and showed up at the property several times.

Finally, Turner returned to his home and confronted the victim. Deputies say Turner told the victim he had a handgun and fired a shot into a ditch twice to warn the victim to go away. The victim refused to leave. Deputies say Turner has a health condition that would make confrontation potentially life-threatening. Turner told investigators he fired the gun a third time into the ground, pointing it away from the victim.

After the third shot, deputies report the victim grabbed his head and cried out that he'd been shot. He drove away and called 9-1-1.

Turner cooperated with investigators and allowed them to search his home.

When investigators went to the hospital, staff told them the victim had only one head wound and that tests found no metal in the victim's head. Investigators said they believe the third shot ricocheted and hit the victim in the head. He's since been released from the hospital.

Turner has not been charged.

According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to a home at Temple Ave and Highway 388 around 6:45 p.m. Saturday.

When they arrived, deputies say they found a victim who had been shot in the head. They say the victim is in stable condition and has been taken to a local hospital.

Deputies report they have a suspect in custody and are actively interviewing witnesses.

Investigators are still on scene. They believe at some point there was a fight which led to the shooting. The victim drove away from the scene and called 9-1-1.

This is a breaking news story. Stay tuned with us for more information as it becomes available.