Uncork your inner artist

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla.(WJHG) - Turning paint into a piece of art seems to come naturally to some people. But for those of us who have a little trouble seeing the big picture, there is a way to make those colors come alive on the canvas and actually look good.

Painting with a Twist in Panama City welcomes anyone whether they have artistic talent or not, and guarantee you'll take home a masterpiece, or at least something you won't be ashamed to hang on your wall. But no matter the outcome you will have fun.

NewsChannel 7 recently crashed an office Christmas party at the art studio where 30 people let their hair down and picked up a paint brush.

According to art instructor Bree Garcia, Painting with a Twist deals in fun art, not fine art.

"No matter what your skill level is you can come here, have a great time and come out with a beautiful piece of artwork," said Garcia.

The studio also has a motto: BYOB and uncork your inner artist.

"We do step by step instruction and have a great time while we do it," said Garcia.

There are more than 7,000 paintings from which to choose to fit just about any occasion and personality.

"But there are rules," Garcia explained. "The first rule is relax. Your painting will turn out fine. We promise. Two, no paint brushes in your drink, no drinking the paint water. I mean it's nontoxic, but it probably wouldn't be a fun time if you did. Three, take a break when we suggest it, your painting will thank you. Four, step back every now and again to get a perspective. If you're just sitting there, you're two inches from the canvas and you're getting all frustrated sometimes it's just better to step back, walk away give one of us a high five and come back. Five, whine if necessary. If you need any help either the assistant or the instructor can come down and help you. Number six, the most important rule of all, that's have fun."

The party can be as over the top or understated as you want, and you can bring whatever you want to drink or snack on. In addition to private parties, there are classes open to the public and there isn't an age limit.

"I've had anywhere from 4 years-old, all the way to 95," said Garcia.

The instructors enjoy the sessions as much as the rookie artists.

"I have so much fun working, I can't imagine how much fun they're actually having," said Garcia.

You can also request your favorite instructor.

"Ask for Bree or TAB, I go by TAB. It stands for The Awesome Bree. So you don't forget me."

The best part is you don't have to set up or clean up. If you'd like more information you can call them at 850-250-0563 or check out their website at paintingwithatwist.com. They are also on Facebook.