Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start for most on VIPIR 7 Doppler radar this morning. The only exception is the far west around the Choctawhatchee today where a few small sprinkles or very light showers may be found.

There will be more of a nuisance cloud cover and light showery activity in the west than what the rest of NWFL will see today.

Temperatures panhandle-wide were more tolerable 50s and 60s starting off this morning. Dew points have pushed up into the 50s, and you may have even notice a little dew on the windshield this morning, especially along the coast.

Southerly winds over the next several days will be a key factor in driving in the more mild and slightly humid conditions.

Highs today will reach the 70s! And we'll see our fair share of sunshine especially east of the Choctawhatchee today.

There may be a few mid level clouds throughout the day, but it shouldn't be enough to block out our sunshine completely.

High pressure is still driving our winds in from the south, with help from another more broad area of low pressure to the west.

Our western edge of the Panhandle sits just outside the ridge of high pressure where subsidence, or sinking motion, is found. And with the increase in moisture as well as warmer air, it's just enough to produce a few of these light little scattered showers.

The ridge noses in a bit more east over the next couple days, and high pressure builds in aloft as well. So these little nuisance showers will come to an end.

Meanwhile the rest of the Panhandle remains warm and mostly sunny. The ridge aloft will push the jet stream up to the north and we'll likely sit in this pattern of warm and quiet weather through this time next week before the next shot at decent rain arrives!

Bottom Line...
For today, most sunny skies with highs pushing the low to mid 70s. Your VIPIR 7 Day forecast will feature warmer days and more mild mornings over the next several days.