Blountstown's football coach talks about financial sting from losing last Friday's game

BLOUNTSTOWN, FL (WJHG/WECP) Some area high school football programs are feeling the sting of a loss from this past Friday.

But not a loss on the field. More a loss an economic loss.
I'm talking about Blountstown, and several other area programs that were supposed to host games this past Friday night. But wound up not being able to play after Governor Scott closed the schools Friday and Monday in advance of the hurricane.

After that decision, some area school superintendents allowed their principals and coaches to make the decision about playing on.

But others did not. Back to Blountstown's case, they were willing and able to host their game with Marianna's, but Jackson County made the decision to now allow its teams to travel. So no game between them Friday.

"Well your football games, you only get five home games a year and you take a substantial hit." Blountstown head coach Greg Jordan told me Monday. "You lose 20 percent of your revenue during the regular season you know, when something like this happens. And it's hard to make that up. It's probably, conservatively, a $7,000 gate that we lost with Marianna last week. And there's really no way to make that up, unless you can make up the game. And we haven't discussed making it up at this time."

Since Marianna and Blountsown don't share a common open week, making the game up would require a Monday game, meaning the players would have to play 3 games in 8 days, and he doesn't think that's fair to them.

So coach Jordan says he and his guys now have their sights on this week's game at Northview, adding the players are excited to get back to work Tuesday.

"Well you know over the weekend I had kids calling and texting wanting to know what we were going to do. When we were going to be able to get back on the practice field. So they're anxious to get back out there. They think they don't enjoy practice and don't enjoy the day to day grind, until it's taken away from them. Then they kind of realize they're in that routine and they don't like getting out of that routine, and they like to practice on a regular schedule, and they know what's around the corner. It's just uncertainty, and it's just something that you've got to deal with day to day. But the kids will be ready to go as soon as we get them back gathered up."