Mosley at West Florida is our Personal Attention Dental Center Game of the Week

LYNN HAVEN, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - We start Wednesday with high school football and a look ahead to one of the bigger games of the early part of this season.

It's a game between two 3-0 teams, Mosley and West Florida, and it's also the opener in 5A-1 play for each.

Thus it's our Personal Attention Dental Center game of the week.

Mosley heads over to Pensacola Friday night to take on West Florida.

Again the two teams a combined 6 and oh after the first three weeks.

For the 'fins, it's wins over Walton, Gadsden and Rutherford, those wins by a combined score of 129-49!

So it's obvious the 'fins are playing on both sides of the ball. Though coach Brown says there are always things to be improving on, even when there's much to be happy about.

"It feels good," Jeremy Brown, Mosley football coach said. "You look at the film, and it's funny because you're seeing improvement in certain areas. You're dealing with 15,16, 17 year old kids. And you see improvement in one area, then you see them take a step back in another area. So you've got to go re-address the other area. I think that's the most important thing. Especially in high school coaching is that consistency. Letting those guys know that hey when we put emphasis in one area, that don't mean we're not emphasizing the other area. We just got to continue to grow in other areas too."

And again, as good as the Dolphins should feel winning all three games so far, well this week it's a step up in competition. West Florida has wins over Escambia, Tate and D'Iberville, averaging 38 a game.

Coach Brown's just 1-3 against the Jag's, including this 22 point loss last year on Bozeman's field.

The key this year, says coach Brown, exection and no turnovers, fon offense. And play with serious discipline on the other side of the ball.

"You know we've gotta tackle, we've got to keep the guys in front of us, we can't have busted plays," Brown said. "We can't give those guys big plays because they've got some guys that can run, they can get behind you in a minute. If we blow coverage, somebody doesn't line up right, it can be a touchdown really fast. And those are the things that we feel we've got to do a really good job of this week. And if we do that we feel like we'll have a chance, I mean we may be in the game late. But if those things don't happen, it can be over pretty quick."

That game Friday at West Florida, 7 o'clock start, and it's one of many we'll feature on Friday Night Overtime.