The Mask duo at Mosley share a home and a home court

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - In the Redfern Gym at Mosley is where two great bonds combine: Mother and daughter, player and coach.

"I want the best for her," Michelle Mask, Mosley volleyball coach said. "I want her to succeed just because she wants it, and I want it for her so badly."

"It's not just my mom being my coach like, I'm actually working hard to try to be the best that I can be in the sport," Lauren Mask, Mosley volleyball senior said.

Mosley volleyball coach Michelle Mask started coaching her daughter Lauren when she was seven years old.

"I coached against her for three years," Michelle said. "I coached at Bay Haven and she played at North Bay Haven. [I'm] happy to say I won most of those three years against her."

Now sporting the same colors on the court, the Mask duo knows the challenge of having a parent as a coach.

"People kind of look down on you a little bit for it and think that you have it easy," Lauren said, "but you have to work that much harder to prove yourself."

These two also know the feeling of having to sometimes "Mask" their emotions.

"The hardest part is when she does something great," Michelle said. "You know, as being her mom, to give her that praise, it kind of comes off as favoritism. And so it puts her and I both in a tougher spot than anybody knows. I may say something to her here, and they think, 'Oh, wow, you weren't that hard on her,' but they have to understand she's still going to get it for the next 12 and a half hours as well."

"So it's 24/7," Lauren said. "Even at the house, she's my coach still. I don't get any slack."

Like mother, "She plays with such passion, and has such a heart for it, it amazes me," Michelle said.

Like daughter, "I laugh to myself because I'm like, 'That is so me,'" Michelle said. "The biggest joy I get is when she's in a huddle, and I hear her literally just repeating everything we talked about at the house maybe two hours prior. That's such an awesome thing to be able to witness."

"Even though I don't look at her, I always know what she's saying because she's right there and she's my mom," Lauren said.

With Lauren's senior season underway, Michelle is understandably nostalgic. "I'm going to miss all the times I had with her," she said.

Coach Mask is "setting" herself up for that moment when Lauren walks off the 'fins court for the last time.

"I'll miss... I'll miss her. Mmm," she said.

You can catch Lauren, coach Mask, and the Mosley Dolphins on their home court Thursday, when they host South Walton at 6 p.m.