WSL Softball World Championship finds safe haven

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Although Hurricane Irma is looming, Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside. That's great news for the World Sports League (WSL), whose softball world championship is calling Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach home through Sunday.

Teams from over thirty states have made the trip. Their entire season builds up to this.

WSL competition begins in January, with results in a series of qualifying tournaments establishing eligibility for these championships.

This is just the first weekend. Once the WSL is finished in two weeks, more than 300 teams will have played at Frank Brown Park.

149 teams with male and female players ranging from around 21 years old through 50 are on hand for this round, although everyone has been on edge with eyes on the forecast.

"With the weather and the storms coming, phone calls, our staff...none of us has slept in quite some time," WSL owner Nathan Kendrick said. "We lost, I believe, four teams out of 153. It's understandable, they were worried. We're going to be fine this weekend. We're going to get this one in, ride out Monday and Tuesday, and see what happens week number two."

Week one wraps up Sunday.