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Florida Braces for Tornadoes After Storms Kill 19 in South

Fifteen people were killed in Georgia alone and a county coroner on Monday said there was a 'great possibility' the death toll would continue to rise.

Ethics Lawyers to Sue Trump Over Continuing Business Interests

The suit alleges that Trump violated the Constitution the moment he was sworn in as president because he had not divested his business interests.

Why This Year's Oscar Race Could Have a Different Hue

The Academy Award nominations on Tuesday serve as a milestone for Hollywood to show whether it will reverse the trend that led to intense criticism last year.

Oink! Piglets Rescued from Siberia Fire

Russian firefighters rescued most of the 200 pigs and piglets trapped in a burning farm in Tomsk, Siberia.

Dollar Hits Six-Week Low as Trump Reality Sets In

European stocks dropped and the dollar hit a six-week low after Trump's protectionist speech pushed a nervous market into safe havens assets.