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Man Fires Shot in Pizzeria Named in Fake News Story

The man was allegedly 'investigating' a fake news story 'reporting' a conspiracy involving Hillary Clinton at Ping Pong Comet.

#WhereIsBana: Syrian Girl's Twitter Account Disappears

'We are sure the army is capturing us now. We will see each other another day dear world. Bye. — Fatemah.'

14th Person Confirmed Dead in Tennessee Wildfires

The human-caused main fire was at 17,006 acres and was 42 percent contained Sunday night, authorities said.

'Long Live Fidel!': Castro's Ashes Interred in Cuba

The interment ceremony for Cuba's former leader is due to start early Sunday.

Picture Perfect: Mom Fights for Son With Down Syndrome

When 16-month old Asher Nash was rejected for a modeling opportunity because he has Down syndrome, his mom refused to accept it.