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Maine's First Lady Gets Job Slinging Hash for Extra Cash

The Maine governor's salary is the lowest in the United States, and Maine first lady Ann LePage said she is working at a restaurant to put aside cash.

Gunmen Take Guests Hostage After Blast at Somalia Hotel

Police say the suspected al-Shabab extremist group attackers stormed the Nasa-Hablod hotel in the capital, and at least seven people were killed.

Four-Pound Chihuahua Crowned World's Ugliest Dog

Seventeen-year-old Sweepee Rambo nabbed the coveted title at the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

'She Lost It All': Deadly West Virginia Floods Take Toll

More rescues were under way Saturday in West Virginia after a historic deluge killed at least 23 people there.

'Second Front of Jihad' Looms on Russia's Border

"The long-term threat of Central Asian jihad is quite real," one regional expert warns.