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LIVE UPDATES: Why 'Brexit' Is a Win for Russia

The result puts the EU into uncharted political and economic territory with far-reaching implications.

Joe Biden Warns of 'Demagogues Peddling Xenophobia'

During a visit to Ireland, Vice-President Joe Biden took a thinly-veiled jab at Donald Trump, accusing him of scapegoating immigrants and running a campaign based on nationalism. Donald Trump is also in the U.K., visiting Scotland.

Two Dead as 'Devastating' California Wildfire Rages

Two people were killed in a wildfire burning south of California's Sierra Nevada mountains that had nearly quadrupled in size in the span of a day.

'Complete Chaos': 20 Killed in West Virginia Flooding

Historic flooding in West Virginia has caused dangerous conditions that have killed at least 20 people and left thousands without power.

Pentagon to Lift Ban on Transgender Service Members Soon

The Department of Defense is expected to announce that, within weeks, transgender men and women will be allowed to openly serve in the military.