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2016 Was Hottest Year Ever: What's Behind the Numbers?

Last year was the earth's hottest year since record keeping began more than 130 years ago — the third record breaking year in a row.

How Trump Could Upend Mideast Policy With U.S. Embassy Move

Trump's controversial campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could upend U.S. policy in the entire Middle East.

Rains Pound Drought Ravaged Southern California

In a dramatic turnabout for a region that was scorched by wildfires during last summer's drought, there are now flooding and mudslide concerns for what could be the strongest storm in seven years.

'Good Samaritan' Killed in Texas Mall Shootout

San Antonio police described a terrifying scene in which a bystander was killed and a second suspect fled through the mall spraying bullets as he ran.

Ethics Lawyers to Sue Trump Over Continuing Business Interests

The suit alleges that Trump violated the Constitution the moment he was sworn in as president because he had not divested his business interests.