Golden Apple Teacher of the Week Nominations


Essays will be in soon! Please help us choose this week’s winner by reading each essay and then choosing your favorite below.

Auburn Harris (Bay Correctional Facility, ABEI) - Auburn Harris is a very special angel who has taught Adult Based Education inmates at Bay Correctional Facility, with the goal of getting their GED since 2005. She is a light in the darkness for these men, most whom have not been in school for many years! She also teaches yoga and art to inmates in her off times. Her positive attitude, caring heart and daily patience is reflected in the progress of her students, whom will now return to their families and communities with the knowledge & resources to be successful. Auburn is truly a blessing to the staff & inmates of Bay Correctional Facility.

Holly Allain (Breakfast Point Academy, 2nd) My teacher is awesome. She helps us learn and does things that no other 2nd grade teacher can do for me. I was lucky enough to have her for 1st grade and then again for second grade. She knows how to teach so that I can understand and takes time to help us learn. I enjoy learning and look forward to going to school to work with Mrs. Allain.

Debra Paulk (Ponce de Leon Elementary, 4th) - Because she loves everyone, she is a good sport because she fought through cancer, she is a loveable teacher to her students, she takes time to teach the kids!

Ellen Nichols (Hidden Lake Elementary, 5th) - I am nominating my teacher because she cares for us and takes care of us like we are her own children. She makes sure that we have everything we need to know to get to the 6th grade. Also, she has a heart as big as the world. She is the person that I know that if I have a question about anything I can go to her and she will help me. She gives us a lot of encouragement and she is the perfect one for the Golden Apple Award.

Sheryl Brock (Cottondale High School, 9th and 11th) - I would like to suggest a story for your newspaper/station. Sheryl R. Brock, resident of Cottondale, FL and wife of Rev. Jack H. Brock, was recently awarded Cottondale High School Teacher of the Year. This will be the THIRD time she has been chosen by her peers as Teacher of the Year. She was, also, selected as Jackson County Teacher of the Year several years back. Sheryl is an outstanding teacher and has taught both elementary, high School and college levels. She isn't just an outstanding teacher but an amazing citizen of Cottondale and member of First Baptist Church of Cottondale where she plans annual programs, leads the children's choir, and serves as an excelled pianist. Also, she assisted long time Cottondale resident, Dorothy Seals, with the publishing of several books and helped to host a book signing for this author. Although she never stops, she does not allow any aspect of her life to slack. She strives for excellence in everything! She is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and was the FIRST teacher in Jackson County to become nationally certified! Since becoming nationally certified, she has mentored and assisted many other Jackson County teachers with achieving this certification as well. Sheryl is worthy of recognition.


Jeanna Meyer (Freeport Elementary, Kindergarten) - As a grandmother I feel in the beginning of school you lay the cornerstones for our children, if you capture their enthusiasm and hunger to learn, you have built a foundation for life. M. Meyers has done this for my granddaughter. She thirsts for knowledge and doesn't like to miss school, even on the weekends. To miss this is the mark of an excellent teacher and one who truly cares about her kids. Ms. Meyers is truly amazing and has a God given gift to teach our children.

Amber Dunn (Bonifay Elementary, Kindergarten) - Amber Dunn is an ESE kindergatden teacher. She has done so much for our autistic son, teaching him things that we never thought he would be able to do. She has an ability like no other at reaching children with disabilities. Mrs.Dunn treats all her students as if they were her own and has a very big heart. She is dedicated to autism awareness and the development of her students.

Melissa Gray (Bay Haven Charter Academy, 7th) - Mrs. Gray works us to our hardest,which helps our developing voices. I've been with Mrs. Gray for two years now and absolutely love her. She is the nicest person and will be a life long friend. I can just picture myself 30 years from now acting on Broadway and seeing her one day. She would look at me for a minute and say, "Oh, hey, Sarah, how's life been?", as if i had just seen her the other day.

Bonnie Lemond (Breakfast Point Academy, 6th/7th) - It is challenging to put in words how much Mrs. Lemond has impacted my life. She finds a way to help you understand the most complicated things, finds amazing ways to make math understandable and exciting, and she always offers supportive advice and encouragement. She is the Primary reason why I want to come to school every day. Her classroom is decorated in fun colors, and always manages to make us laugh. She sets a positive, compassionate example for her students, and almost always has a smile on her face. Mrs. Lemond has taught me to never give up, and has changed the way I look at every situation in, and out of school.

Angela Schmidt (Newpoint High School, 9th-12th) - She's a fantastic teacher, She teaches things right the first time, She explains everything clear and thorough. She always helps you if you need help, and she is always there when you need her.

Judy Griffith (Margret K. Lewis School Academy) - Judy griffith deserves to be "Teacher of the Week" because she is so selfless. She not only teaches special needs students-she really cares for them. After teaching my son for years he graduated to a new class and she STILL takes time out of her busy schedule to keep up on our entire family. Ms. Judy is the BEST of Bay county teachers.

Pamela Ramirez (New Horizons Learning Center Middle School, 6-8th grade) - Ms. Ramirez is an outstanding teacher who teaches Language Arts and Career Education to our at-risk students. NHLC is a second chance school where it takes a person who is patient, compassionate, and truly cares about their students. Ms. Ramirez has all of these qualities. She is a professional who is creative, firm but fair, and her students respond to her teaching. As Mentor Coordinator/Parent Liaison, it is such a positive and rewarding experience when she brings her students in our Mentor/Parent/Community Room to prepare foods that coincide with the lessons they have studied. Reading, Math and Science is learned along with having fun, socialization, and delicious food. It is an honor to nominate this outstanding teacher for the Golden Apple Teacher of the Week Award.

Ronald Radke (Tommy Smith Elementary, 5th) - Out of all of my teachers, he is the best and my favorite one. He tells lots of stories about Greek and Roman gods and does anything to help his students.

Kelley Roberts (Breakfast Point Academy, 6th & 7th) - Mrs. Roberts is an amazing teacher. As an administrator, it is awesome to watch what she does on a daily basis to engage her students and help them learn. Her dedication to the profession of education is evident in the respect and rapport that she has with her students. She is a vital asset to the learning process of so many students at Breakfast Point, and not only is she respected by her students, but her peers and administration certainly recognize her abilities to educate our students.

Shalee Powell (Bonifay Elementary, 1st) - Mrs. Powell not only educates the children in her care, she loves them. She provides snacks for children who do not have any. She makes sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Most importantly, she helps them develop as individuals, fosters self-respect and instills self-confidence for their future. As a school volunteer, I feel Mrs. Powell is building leaders for the future.

Cathrine Merritt (Southport Elementary, 5th) - She really knows how to get you going. she is a hard worker and helps everyone in the school, especially her students. Everyone in the school loves her. She is very loving and stands up for herself and her students.

Cynthia Been (Oakland Terrance Elementry, 2nd) - A few months back my son broke his glasses, being a single mother of two, not working, I couldn't afford to get them fixed. Ms. Been Called me and asked if she could take my son's glasses and have them fixed for me, knowing I was unable to pay for new ones. She took them over the weekend, the glasses were not able to be fixed, she wrote me a note stating my son was receiving 2 new pairs of glasses with his prescription, and I didn't have to worry about paying for them. Also, that his brother was getting a pair of sunglasses so he wouldn't feel left out. She works special hard with all the children and is such a wonderful person who really cares about our children. Without her I would have never been able to get my son's glasses that he needs to wear everyday. Also, her parent/teacher communication is the best. Being a teacher is a very busy, time filling job but always finds time to take a minute and communicate with us parents and that is why I want to nominate Ms Cynthia Been.

Pam Ramiriz (New Horizon) - She teaches students to cook and that helps them with self esteem. They are happy to help her and I know as a mentor to a student at New Horizon, he is very excited about learning to cook so he can help his mother, who is a single parent.

Michael Petty (Rosenwald High School, 9th) - Mr. Petty is one of the most dedicated teachers at Rosenwald High School. He is always willing to put in extra hours needed to prepare lesson plans. He is also available to help tutor students when they are having trouble grasping new concepts. Mr. Petty is also on a yriad of school improvment committees, and strives to create a fun learning atmosphere for his students and the entire campus. Students enjoy going to Mr. Petty's class, and they often talk about the lessons they have learned, applying the skills to real life situations. Without a doubt, Mr. Petty is one of the best teachers on campus.

Amy Joyner (Breakfast Point Academy, K) - Mrs. Joyner works hard to accomodate students of all different walks of life in her classroom. She cares for her students as they are her own, and she dedicates her self to providing a great education to kindergartners at Breakfast Point Academy. She provides a safe, caring, and comfortable environment for her students every day!

Wendi Henderson (Merritt Brown Middle School, 8th) - She is an all around amazing teacher. She will help you with anything. One day something happened to me and I didn't want to go to lunch so she trusted me to stay in class while everyone was at lunch. She is just an amazing teacher.

Rebeca Motley (Holmes County High, 10th) - She is the best History teacher I have had. She goes over the material and she gives us some work, but it isn't a lot. She has also been there for 20+ years if I am not mistaken.

Aimee Anderson (Dean Bozeman School, 7th) - She is my favorite teacher. She takes time to help us if we need it. She cheers us up. She is very supportive, and nice. She loves and cares about all of her students. She is just the teacher anyone could ever have!

Patricia Malone (Bay High School, 10th) - I would like to nominate Mrs. Malone for all of the great work that she has done in working with my 10th grader. Mrs. Malone was the Best teacher we could have ever asked for from the time she taught my daughter math at Jenks Middle School. We were so Excited when she transferred over to Bay High and even more Excited when we found out that she was my daughter's Geometry teacher. She pulled me on the side one day and told me that my daughter was struggling with the course but, she was willing to tutor her so that she can keep up. I thank her very much for taking the extra time to help my daughter get that extra push that she needs as well as keeping me informed on how she has progressed or if she needs additional help.

Jennifer Christensen - (Bay Haven, 5th) - This is my first year at Bay Haven and I was very scared about who was going to be my teacher, who was going to be nice to me but when I got to know her she was very kind and considerate. When I was struggling she would say, "Do you get it?" And if I said, "no" she would go back over it with me and I would then get it. She is very sweet and the best teacher ever. This is why I want my teacher to win the Golden Apple Award. Erica West (Breakfast Point Academy, 5th) - I have been honored to see Mrs. West begin her amazing career, and ten years later still look at her teaching abilities in awe. She never leaves the school before 4:30 and is there every Saturday and Sunday. She is 100% dedicated to the learning process of her children. She knows what they need to learn and become better individuals. I am blessed to learn from her as a fellow educator, and was doubly blessed because she taught my son to read after struggling for so many years. Every year I make the same statement to the kids in her class. You have the best teacher in the world.

Amanda Baggett (Ponce de Leon High School, 11th & 12th) - Mrs. Amanda Baggett is one of the best teachers to ever grace the halls of PDLHS. She is always happy smiling, which spreads to her students, no matter how their day is going. After just one semester out of my long experience with her, I was able to fully grasp and master algebra concepts that other teachers could not help with. Even though I no longer have her for a teacher, I and other students still go to her for any help we may need for other mathematics classes, even college level classes like my Trigonometry class.

Andrea Kopp (St. John Catholic School, middle grades) - Mrs. Kopp is a fun and energetic teacher. She always has something creative for us to do. Her best teacher feature is that she cares about each and every one of her students. She looks out for everyone because she is always thinking of us first. She makes us laugh, hugs us if we are down, and speaks up for us when we can't do it for ourselves. She also makes literature fun by giving us her honest opinion about the characters that we read about. Mrs. Kopp is awesome.

Tim Avriett (Hope School) - Mr. Avriett works with kids that have behavioral problems that cant function in a regular special ed class. He has so much compassion for the kids and his job he is truely remarkable he works with the kids in a group and one one one settings to help the kids with their behavior and educational goals to hopefully achieve the child going to regular special-ed calss.Mbr>
Jeaneen Boutwell (Rutherford High School, 10th) - She is an inspiration for me going to school. Even though we take notes everyday, her class is very enjoyable with her and my fellow classmates. Her lectures are very interesting like the wives of Henry the 8th or Louis the 14th.

Angela Pfeiffer (Seward High School) - Mrs. Pfeiffer has been such a great influence to all the students and staff at Seward High. If it weren't for her hard work I wouldn't be moving on with my life. I want others to know how positive she is to everyone and her positive words. She always tells us to do our very best in everything. If we feel like giving up she always says, "I know you can do it, I have faith in you." I want her to be recognized as a great teacher and great friend at Seward High. She deserves it.

Rebecca Motley (Holmes County High School, 10th) - I have a learning disability from a brain bleed I had when I was 8. So I learn a little bit different then other ids and ms. Motley never makes me feel like I am different and goes out of her way to help me. She has been a teacher forever at Holmes County High School and she has even taught some of our parents. Please pick Mrs. Motley she is way over due.

Debbi Whitaker (Newpoint Academy, 8th) - I am nominating mrs.Whitaker because she is very Nice teacher and teaches very well its fun to be in her class! when we are in her class in makes thing better and gets us ready for high school and i really want her to win this it would mean a lot to her and all her classes! I really have to say the work in her class is fun and we all enjoy being in her class!

Jay Bidwell (Wewahitchka High School, 9-12th) - Jay Bidwell has been teaching and coaching at Wewahitchka High School for twenty-two years. I have watched him in action in the classroom, on the coaching field and court and what impresses me the most is when others say it is impossible to achieve, Jay not only shows that where there is a will there is a way; he proves to the child or team, that yes you can and you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to! In the classroom, no one is left behind...Spanish-if there is a word or phase a student needs to know for a lesson, he will have them jumping like frogs, are dancing the cockroach dance until the learning is achieved. On the basketball court or track/cross country fields, he encourgages and pushes each child to reach his potiential. It doesn't matter if is the so called star of the team or a beginner who just wants to better himself and become healthier. His motto is (in the classroom and on the couching field): MOTIVATE THE MIND AND THE BODY WILL FOLLOW!

Vickie Havlicek (Child World, pre-K) - Vickie teaches 1 year-old (6 at at time). Thanks to her efforts, a child may enter her class not talking, or walking, when they leave at their 2nd birthday they are talking, walking and know some of their colors and are beginning to learn to recognize words letters and words.

Ashlyn Pate (Hiland Park Elementary, 1st) - Ms. Pate is the sweetest. She makes sure to take her time and values each students unique learning style. She is truly a great teacher and I am so happy that my son Patrick is in her class.

Brandon Poiroux (Deane Bozeman School, Band) - Mr.Poiroux is so amazing! He really knows how to make us have lots of fun! Everyone in band at Bozeman LOVES him! He makes us laugh, he cracks tons of jokes, and he just makes school fun!He's all ready won the Golden Apple reward once this year and I see why. He is one of a kind techer! He is the best band teacher in the world!

Kristen McCraw (University Academy, K) - Mrs. Mc Craw has had such a impact on all of the tudntsse hstoched in UA, our school is in its first year and she is expanding the minds of the children she is teaching. She not only has her class of 18, but also many other groups that move around from teacher to teacher. Her hands on approach and encouragement for each child is so amazing.Kristen has made her mark in my childs learning experiance daily, she pushes her to all limits know.Not only is she a wonderful teacher she is such a beautiful person. She loves her job, but she loves her students even more.

Jim Colvin (Rutherford High School) - Mr. Colvin is simply the best band director in Bay County! He expects NOTHING but the best performance out of all of us! He never lets us down and sits down and makes sure we get nothing but the best instruction! The RHS band wouldn't be where we are without his guidance! He takes SO much of his time out of his own to make sure any one student get extra instruction if needed! We all really appreciate his help!

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