Bethel Village Women's Rescue Mission Opens

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Women and children in need now have another resource to get them back on their feet.

Bethel Village Panama City Rescue Mission held its grand opening Friday at East 11th Street.

The women's portion of the Panama City Rescue Mission had a facility on Transmitter Road, but organizers say it was too small for the work volunteers were hoping to accomplish.

They packed up and moved to a new location.

"A lot of things fell into place. It was very obvious to us that it was God's timing and our opportunity. So we moved," said Cathy Byrd, Women's Rescue Mission Director.

Over the last four months, organizers have been making improvements to get the rooms ready.

Byrd said, "We are very excited. It's very much a neighborhood for us here."

Friday afternoon they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening.

"We brought both the shelter function from Downtown mission and the recovery function from Transmitter to this property."

The recovery section of the building has 3 times as much space and houses 20 women.

On the other side is a shelter open to women and children.

Volunteers say they are always looking for donations.

They accept all gifts from toilet paper to cars.