Contractors Welcome Homeowners to Building Expo

PANAMA CITY -- If you're looking to remodel your home, licensed contractors are displaying their products at the FSU Panama City campus this weekend.

Homeowners can find anything from swimming pools to air conditioning and flooring at this year's fifth annual Bay Building Industries Expo.

Contracting businesses are also holding seminars every 15 minutes to educate the public on home and home-associated repairs.
Canadian Homeowner Leo Enright said, "We just walked in the door and we've already stopped at four different places.

President of Bay Building Industries Association Evan Christensen said, "It's a great place for people to get out and come see what’s available and meet some contractors and you know maybe they’re looking to just do remodeling or maybe they’re looking to build a new home and you get good ideas."

Organizers say the event is every year in February at the FSU Holley Center.

If you didn't get the chance to stop by today you can head to FSU tomorrow. Vendors will be there from 11am until 3 pm.