Extra Law Enforcement on Roads Come Spring Break

You're probably aware that Panama City Beach Police are bringing in extra help for spring break.

However, breakers will be seeing extra law enforcement well before they make it to Bay County.

Being visible on the highways this spring break is key for the Holmes County Sheriff's Office.

"We'll be out in full force of course just enforcing the laws that are already existing, a lot of DUI enforcement, texting and driving, seatbelt, all those things that are preventive measures
to prevent accidents," said Lt. Adrienne Odum of the Holmes County Sheriff's Office.

Many college students will be passing through to visit some of the country's most popular spring break destinations.

Homles County Sheriff's Deputies know that there will be heavy traffic, but their main priority is to keep it flowing.

Experts say if you are traveling through Holmes County for Spring Break, you might want to do the speed limit.

Last year, law enforcement officials handed out over 700 hundred citations.

All of those were given out by city, county and state officers during the months of March and April.

Speeding were a bulk of those tickets.

Lt. Odum said, "Our goal is to make sure that they are not breaking the law and to prevent accidents. We want everybody to make it there safe and we want everyone to make it back home safe. Enjoy yourself, have a good time, but also just follow the rules, the laws, obey the laws and just safety."

Officials say the crackdown isn't about writing speeding tickets, but about safety.