First Day of Phillip Brock Murder Retrial

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PANAMA CITY -- A local man accused of first degree murder is going on trial for a second time. The state is retrying Phillip Brock after a hung jury during his first trial.

In something of an unusual move, a local judge allowed attorneys to present opening statements and began testimony well into the evening hours Tuesday.

Phillip Brock is accused of killing his business partner 65 year old last December, then stealing collectable coins and Brazil’s Cadillac.

Attorneys spent most of the day Tuesday picking a jury to hear his case. Then they began presenting their opening statements.

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Basford said, "The reason we are here this week of this trial is because Terrance Michael Brazil is not. The reason he's not here is because he was killed and murdered, and robbed and his property was taken."

Then Basford began calling witnesses, including the first deputy on the scene.

Deputy Richard Plummer said, "The smell that I smelled was consistent with the smell of a decaying person."

DNA lab director Candy Zulger took the stand, testifying she was able to match both Brock and Brazil’s blood on a bed post that was missing from Brazil’s home.

Candy Zulger, laboratory director said, "I was able to get full profiles."

The state also presented new evidence Tuesday that was not presented during Brock’s first trial.

Investigators say they searched a large pool filter on Brock’s property and found $12,000 worth of silver coins.

"They find these silver coins and coin sets, ends up being over a 180 silver eagles or silver dollars,” said Basford.