Local Healthcare Clinics Honor Veterans with Free Services

Flag and soldiers.
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PANAMA CITY -- Our nation will honor its veterans next Monday of Veterans Day, but a number of organizations are extending thanks or a helping hand all this week.

Pancare's two local health clinics will be offering veterans free medical and dental check-ups Thursday.

Chances are these chair will be full on Thursday beginning at 8:00 am. The Community Heath Care center on Jenks Avenue will be fully staffed with dentists, offering exams to local veterans.

They'll receive free basic dental services.

Robert J. Abbiati DDS said, "We'll do cleanings well do extractions we'll do fillings."

All you have to bring is proof that you served in the military, such as a veteran ID or a DD- 214.

The dental clinic already has 80 people on the schedule for Thursday.

Free dental services are not the only thing the community health center will be giving away. Pancare's other local clinic on East 15th street will be offering veteran's free medical exams.

Doctor Robert Abbiati was working here at the community health center last year when they provided veterans with the same free services.

He says it was packed, and this year he's sure the turnout will be the same, if not greater. "We really like to treat as many people as possible and to have them come down and, and well do our best to get them in, and get them treated."

And one lucky veteran will receive a gift basket as well.

"We raise money our-self and then put together food baskets and different items to give out to different individuals and families,” Abbiati said.

Heather Woodby receptionist said, "What the veterans and their families have given to us, this is just a small piece of something that we can give back to them.”

Any veteran not able to make it to Pancare's dental or health clinics Thursday will have another chance on November 14th at the Pancare clinic in Freeport.

Clinic Locations:

Bay County Community Health Center
707-A Jenks Avenue
Panama City, Florida

Walton County Community Health Center
479 East Highway 20
Freeport, Florida