Locals Affected by “One Ring” Scam

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PANAMA CITY -- A trip to the Caribbean might sound like the perfect way to thaw from last week's freezing temperatures, but be wary of any phone calls you get from certain international numbers.

It's a new scam that could have you paying an additional $30 on your phone bill.

The Better Business Bureau is calling this the “One Ring" scam. Essentially auto dialers are calling thousands cellphones. They'll let it ring once, and then when you call back, you're automatically charged $30. The calls cost $20 up-front and are $9 for each additional minute.

If you have any reservations about a number you missed a call from, experts say do your research. It could actually cost you more depending on how long you stay on the phone for.

Locals say they’ve had missed calls with area codes 268 and 767. Experts are also advising everyone to watch out for 473, 809, 876, and 284.