Tropical Storm Prompts Hurlburt Field to Evacuate Planes

The Air Force is not taking any chances with some of it's aircraft.

Hurlburt Field evacuated most of it's CV 22 Osprey and AC 130u Spooky Gunships.

The planes headed to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas and Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.

Base Officials initiated hurricane condition three around 9:00 Thursday morning, shortly after the National Hurricane Center upgrades Karen to a tropical storm.

No one expects the storm to be particularly devastating.

Hurlburt field sits right on the coastline, so base officials anticipate they will feel the effects of some high winds, rainfall and storm surge.

Even though the planes are leaving, base commanders have not issued any evacuation orders for any personnel at this time.

they are advising people board-up windows, bring-in loose items from outside, stock-up on bottled water and fuel their vehicles.