Walton County Getting Ready for Storms Arrival

WALTON COUNTY - Walton County commissioners are making sure the county is prepared for Karen's possible arrival.

Commissioners met this morning with Emergency Management personnel to talk about preparations and risks.

With little information available, they decided to meet again Thursday afternoon.

The main topic is deciding if there's a need to call for voluntary evacuations.

They're also asking for residents and visitors to keep an eye on local media coverage of the storm and prepare accordingly.

Walton Co. Emergency Management Director, Major Joseph Preston said, "The main thing to remember is to just keep a close eye on the weather and as the advisories come out just follow those things. it has been awhile since we have had significant impact, and folks tend to forget how bad these things can become, so we just encourage folks to remember if we issue a voluntary or if it came to a mandatory evacuation they really need to heed those warnings."

Organizers have already cancelled a number of events that were planned for this weekend, the biggest being the Destin Seafood Festival.