1 in Hospital, 3 in Custody For After Stabbing

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - One person is in the hospital, three are being questioned in connection with a stabbing in Panama City Beach.

It happened a little before 7:30 Monday night near the intersection of Thomas Drive and Joan Avenue.

Bay County Sheriff's Investigators say four men were involved in an argument. One pulled a knife and stabbed another.

The man who was stabbed suffered serious damage to his intestines.

Paramedics took the victim to bay medical sacred heart where is was undergoing surgery for the knife wound.

Deputies caught up with the three men that fled the scene in the nearby parking lot of the Moby Dick's beach store..

Authorities say they have an idea of a motive.

Lieutenant Steve Nagy said, "Any time you see a large amount of tattoos....and we found about some photographs of marijuana so we believe marijuana is involved but we're still working on that end of it. I think most likely what will happen based off some of the information we have and talking to these guys that maybe our narcotics investigators will get involved based on where interviews go at the office."

Investigators have not released the names of those involved, nor have the officially charged anyone. We'll have the latest details once they're released.