State Investigators Sort Out Hostage Standoff at Bay County Jail

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State investigators are now sorting out the details of a 12-hour hostage crisis at the Bay County jail.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will be looking into the Bay County SWAT team's response at the end of the standoff.

Kevin Winslett, Kevin Nix, James Norton, and Matthew Coffin escaped from a malfunctioning cell on the third floor of the jail around 7 p.m. Sunday night. They took one guard and three nurses hostage.

As the night progressed sheriff's officials were able to negotiate the release of three of the hostages. But after 11-hours, sheriff's officials say negotiations broke down.

Inmates began taking drugs found in a medicine cabinet, and threatening to take the hostage's life.

At 8 a.m. Monday, the SWAT team took action, entering the third floor. In the rush, two inmates were shot, as well as the last hostage. Both inmates were released from a local hospital and are now in lock down at the jail.

"Our crime scene does a thorough investigation of the location. We submit the evidence to the complete picture of what happen. We'll give a summary to the State Attorney's office. Our role is fact finders. We'll present evidence to the State Attorney so they can make a determination on use of force," says FDLE Investigator Tommy Ford.

The FDLE will present their findings in about a month. Sheriff's officials expect to file charges against the four inmates in the next two days.