Pollution and Vandalism Complaints About a Popular Area Lake

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The Panhandle is known for its abundant natural resources. Many residents share those lakes, springs and waterways with the general public, but some of the residents aren't happy about the way the visitors are behaving at Round Lake.

At first glance, Round Lake in southern Jackson County may appear to a nice place to spend a sunny afternoon, but if you take a closer look you’ll see the litter surrounding it is an eyesore.

It’s an eyesore that David Harris says cannot be ignored.

"This lake is completely covered in beer bottles," he says.

David he grew up in the home that his family still owns on the lake, and as he puts it, the lake has attracted nothing but vandals and litter bugs in recent years.

"It's a shame that my mother and sister can't come and sit on the porch."

In addition to the litter, Harris says that the lake is severely polluted because of the jet skis and motor boats crowd it every weekend.

"On Monday morning you can come out here and see the film of gas and oil all around this lake.”

He also claims that the state and county officials have done nothing but pass the buck on this issue. The Jackson County Health Department says that it is aware of the situation at Round Lake. The Health Department director is Bill Dean.

"We found some litter on the east side and the west. We don't consider the litter to be a public health issue and there was no sewage issue that we could find."

Public records show that the east side of the lake, which is far more littered than the other side, is privately owned. Jackson County sheriff's officials have also been contacted about vandalism at Round Lake and are investigating.