Take Me to the City

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Charlie Lahan owns the Carousel Supermarket, and although his property sits on the north side of Front Beach Road, no development is allowed across the street, giving his property a Gulf-front view.

The tentative plan by the Bay County commissioners imposes a height limit on his side of the road at 50 feet, a limit that Lahan says is too costly.

"A lot of plans and dreams are gone in just a few minutes’ discussion at the county commission, were just gone like they were nothing."

But Lahan isn't giving up just yet; he has already filed a petition for voluntary annexation into the city of Panama City Beach, something he once fought to prevent since his is the first property abutting the city.

"I'm terribly disappointed, terribly bitter and whatever alternatives are out there, rest assured we will pursue them."

Panama City Beach Mayor Lee Sullivan remembers when Lahan opposed annexation in the past, but can see why the story has changed.

"Well, I certainly understand the economics of owning property and not being able to develop. I am one of those people that believes you can have a development and you can save those areas that have never been built on."

From Lahan's property you can easily see the where the city is sitting tall, the difference is the line on a map and zeroes on a check.