Changing the Map

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The Bay County commissioners shocked many when they decided to impose height restrictions on the west end of Panama City Beach.

Property on the north side of Front Beach Road from the Panama City Beach city limits to Carillon Beach would be limited to 50 feet. Beach side property could still reach up to 230 feet.

The decision isn't clear-cut; people on all sides mostly oppose this plan for different reasons.

Barbara Miner is a former planning commissioner and owns property on the west end. She was not pleased with the commissioners’ decision Tuesday night because she would like to see the neighborhoods preserved.

"They appear to be listening to a small group of developers and businessmen and disregarding the thousands of residents who own residential property. That's appalling," Barbara says.

Andy Gothard is a business owner and listened as the commissioners devalued investments in a matter of minutes.

"In addition, there's a group of residents that have signed agreements to sell their properties for a total of 32 million dollars with the C2 zoning designation. These groups of residents lost 21 million dollars yesterday," says Andy.

This is a tentative plan in the Bay County land development regulations. The county commissioners will hold one more public hearing on the 21st at 5 p.m. before the final vote approving all development regulations and zoning.