The Annual Alligator Hunting Season Has Already Produced a Big Bite

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A Panhandle hunter has bagged what could be the catch of the year. Australia may have the "Crocodile Hunter", but Liberty County now has the "Gator Hunter."

Gator hunting season started last week and one man in Liberty County has already landed one of the largest alligators in history.

Troy Ferreira is proud of his catch and says, "This is my biggest gator yet." He says the gator he reeled in from Big River was the first one he spotted last Friday.

Over the past years he's snagged in gators ranging from 6 to 7 feet, but this trumped all of his previous catches.

“He's 12 foot 9 inches length wise, 620lbs; we measured him on a certified truck scale."

With two years of gator hunting under his belt, Troy Ferreira says that it took him over six hours to reel in the massive reptile. Troy says you never know what’s out there when you’re on a gator hunt.

"This could have sunk the boat. You never know what to expect, whenever you hook one."

You maybe asking yourself, now that he's caught, what's he going to do with it? Troy has a couple of answers.

"Probably going to sell him, I've got a couple people that are interested in him. If I can't, I'll do a head mount."

The size of this animal was verified by the Safari Club International, an organization that keeps records on wild game throughout world.

Ferreira says he hauled in the big gator with a cross bow and a rod 'n reel.