Injured Loggerhead Returned to the Sea

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Employees of Gulf World at Panama City Beach named an endangered sea turtle "Burn" because she came to them unable to swim and with a terrible sunburn on her neck.

After months of medical treatment and rehabilitation at the marine park, "Burn" was ready to go on her own this week.

The U.S. Coast Guard found the adult loggerhead turtle floating on her side outside of the Panama City Pass last May.

Veterinarians speculated the turtle may have been injured by a boat, which caused an infection in her spinal chord, which made the turtle float on her side.

Cheryl Joyner said the turtle's recovery was a big plus, a good point for the day as she was taken back to the beach and released into the Gulf of Mexico at Laguna Beach.

So far this year, Gulf World has cared for 14 stranded sea turtles and still has two other in rehabilitation.