Hostage's Version

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More new information is coming out about what happened inside the Bay County Jail Sunday night when four inmates took over the third floor of the jail. We have another version of what happened on that third floor while the inmates were in control.

The daughter of one of the nurses taken hostage that night is speaking out. Crystal Breland waited eight hours for word, as her mother, Kathy Baucum, and two other nurses were held captive.

Breland says some of the inmates' complaints about jail conditions are legitimate. The 10:00 phone call startled Crystal Breland Sunday night. Her kids already in bed, she answered the phone to hear her mother's voice.

"She said ā€˜Iā€™m being held hostage and they want me to call the radio stations and request a song, but I can't get through.ā€™"

Kathy Baucum is one of the nurses held hostage Sunday night. She's worked for the Corrections Corporation of America for about a year. That night she faced her worst fears when an inmate came down the hall armed with a knife and forced Baucum and two other nurses into a room.

"The prisoners told them, we're going to die tonight and we're not going to let you go."

Crystal says the ringleader, Kevin Winslett, stayed sober and negotiated to release her mother around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, but with that relief came guilt especially after the sheriff's SWAT Team stormed the third floor and the last hostage, Amy Hunt, was injured so severely.

Breland says her mom is upset because she says these same inmates made two other take-over attempts on Thursday and Saturday. She says CCA officials did nothing about the malfunctioning cell door. Breland says CCA policy dictates an extra corrections officer is required to accompany the nurses, but there was no extra guard with her mother and the others Sunday night.

She also says the corrections officers are not allowed to have more than one person walking out of their cell at time. Sunday night two of the men were out of their cells and overtook the guard.

We contacted CCA Wednesday night. At first the night supervisor denied the two previous escape attempts took place, then referred us to call back later.

Bay County sheriff's officials say CCA only informed them Wednesday that one of the inmates, Kevin Nix, escaped from his cell three weeks ago, and was free inside the jail for about an hour and a half.

Nix's cell door is that one that was reportedly malfunctioning.