Panama City DOT Workers Headed South

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Trucks, supplies and more than a dozen workers from the DOT's Panama City office are hitting the road to clean up roads in south Florida.

"This is the second time we've deployed. Several weeks ago, they deployed for Hurricane Charley. They went down to Punta Gorda. They were down there for almost three weeks," said Mac Watters with the Florida Department of Transportation.

For some workers, like Clair Kriser, it's a way to give thanks for being spared a direct hit this hurricane season.

"They say they're without water and without any type of sewage, power, phones. We're hoping to go down and really help," said Kriser.

Rey McGraw's already been down south once. He helped with cleanup from Hurricane Charley.

"It's terrible. They had a lot of people that had to do without. A lot of people, their houses were gone, trailers. It was pretty sad," said McGraw.

The workers are heading down to Fort Pierce. Once there, they'll clear roads and help with other cleanup. Right now, they don't know how long they'll be away from home.

The 13 workers heading south make up right at half the staff of the DOT's Panama City office.