Florida Legislature Battles for Amendments

Three of the six constitutional amendments the state legislature approved for the November ballot have already been kicked off. Judges call the measures, which deal with health care, property taxes and drawing political boundaries, misleading. the legislature is challenging the rulings.

The state legislature bogged down the November ballot, voting to put six proposals in front of voters in November. There was an amendment to halt part of the new federal health care overhaul, a tax break for first time home buyers, a plan to preserve legislative control over the way political districts are drawn… and a freeze on class size.

Three were kicked off the ballot, and class size is being challenged. Judges called the ballot language drafted by the legislature misleading.

Political Strategist Steve Vancore says the Republican led legislature was politically motivated. “Amendment 7 is about preserving their power and amendment 9 was about getting the base out to vote.”

But the state legislature isn’t giving up the fight. “The three ballot initiatives in questions have been appealed to the Florida Supreme Court… and Wednesday the legislature will make arguments defending the all.”

Adam Unger, who voted early in the primary elections, says ballot language is always confusing if you haven’t done your homework. “If we are going to have the politicians who are going to mislead people and do these types of things, it’s up to us to go one step ahead and get informed.”

And if the Supreme Court finds no problems with the lower courts rulings, there will be a lot fewer amendments to study. It’s not unusual for ballot proposals to die in the courts. Of the nine amendments that qualified for this year’s ballot six have been challenged.

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