Georgia Fugitive Eludes Capture in Bay County

Local sheriff’s investigators believe a home invasion robbery suspect who eluded capture in a massive search in north Bay County last week has left the area.

Thirty-seven-year old Wallace Greg Brimer of Georgia forced his way into a home on Orlando Road in Hiland Park last Friday. He pulled a knife and stole money from the woman homeowner. He then stole her car.

Lawmen say Brimer took off and led them on a high-speed chase that sometimes reached speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Using a Spike Strip, the deputies were able to blow out the car’s tires on State Road 388 East near State Road 77. Brimer then ran into the nearby woods and swamps.

Police used foot patrols, search dogs and helicopters, but never found the suspect.

They now saw he broke into a home on State Road 388 West, cooked some food, rested, stole some clothes and credit cards. He then took a pick up truck parked outside and left the area.

They have tracked the stolen cards to Navarre in Santa Rosa County and then to Suwannee County where Brimer bought a bunch of camping equipment.