The First Family Visits Panama City Beach

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Bay County - When first lady Michelle Obama visited Panama City Beach last month and got some sand in her shoes, we knew she would be back. But this time, she brought the President and their youngest daughter, Sasha with her.

The first family may have only been in Panama City Beach for a short time, but during their mini vacation, they made some stops at a few local businesses. The three stayed at the Bay Point Marriott, where they were said to of had a good time and even made a few special requests.

"They did ask the chef to make them his very own salsa that he prepares and the guacamole that they serve at Lime's as well. And he got a kick out of that as well, so that was pretty cool for the chef," said David Sheets, general manager of Bay Point Marriott.

The Obama's ate their first meal at Lime's Bayside Bar and Grill shortly after arriving Saturday afternoon, and got a taste of Gulf seafood, sharing an order of fish taco's, along with chicken tenders, a burger and an order of guacamole.

Shortly after lunch, the much anticipated moment occurred. Despite the weather, President Obama and daughter Sasha were able to get into the water and take a little swim showing that the water off Florida’s coast are clean and safe. Later that evening the Obama's made an impression playing a round of miniature golf at Pirate's Island on Front Beach Road.

"They came in just like regular customers. We tried to let them play for free and he assisted on paying he had his own money. Some people were surprised about that they figured the secret service guys might of handled it all the money and everything. They then selected the back course, I guess because of security. But they then took off and Sasha got a hole in one on the very first hole, so the game got off to a good start," said Karen Dalton assistant manager of Pirate’s Island.

Dalton says the first family hinted that Sasha won the game. They must have worked up an appetite because they then headed over to Firefly, a restaurant on Richard Jackson Boulevard, to enjoy dinner.

Sunday morning the family ventured out onto the Bay Point Lady and went for a boat ride on St. Andrews Bay. Despite the rough waters and overcast skies, they were lucky enough to catch a dolphin sighting.

The last stop on their vacation in Bay County was a quick trip to Bruster's Ice Cream on Thomas Drive.

"The president, first lady, and Sasha came by here today it was a shock but they're really wonderful people they asked about the business and were really concerned and the president ordered mint chocolate chip the first lady ordered a hot fudge Sunday with a lot of hot fudge and Sasha had Oreo and cake batter," said Joan Epperly manager of Bruster’s Ice Cream.

Even though their vacation here totaled about 27 hours, the first family seemed to have enjoyed their trip.

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