Kids Take On Ivan

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As adults we clamor for information about impending storms to ease our nervousness, but what about our children? The pictures of devastation from central and southwest Florida affect them too.

Mrs. Thedford's third graders say they will be ready in case Ivan turns terrible in our area. The class spent part of the morning talking about what they can do to help their families be prepared, and they came up with some sharp responses.

The students also talked about how the impending storm can stress people out. Mrs. Thedford is a Hurricane Opal survivor. She says for the most part her students are curious about the storm.

"They are excited more than scared. They want to know what they can do to stay safe," says Carla Thedford.

And thanks to a list of important hurricane supplies, the youngsters headed home to get storm ready. Many of the students say their families have an evacuation plan in case they are asked to leave home.

Here are some tips to plan your own evacuation plan:

Know the routes out of town.

Fill your gas tanks, something you can do because there are no gas rations in the state. We'll tell you more about that in a moment.

Have extra car keys and arrange an emergency contact point for your whole family so you know where everyone is.