Season's Storms Prepare Local People for Ivan

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Like most people in the Panhandle, Lois Brown is concerned about Ivan's future path and she's not taking chances when it comes to being prepared.

"I've been concerned ever since the first storm three weeks ago. I was totaled out by Opal back in 1995, so I know to try and be prepared," says Lois Brown.

The three previous storms have helped people get prepared well in advanced. But most are waiting a few days before they really get prepared. In fact, DVDs and toys are the hottest items of choice for most shoppers.

Store personnel expect that to change with the weather.

"Not a lot of people are coming in yet. We anticipate people to come as Ivan nears," says Francis Szatkiewicz, a Wal-Mart Associate.

And local stores aren't taking any chances. They're already getting large shipments of water, propane gas, batteries, and flashlights because shoppers like Lois Brown are sure to come sooner rather than later.