Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

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Putting together your own hurricane preparedness kit is key to making it through the storm without totally roughing it.

Here are some must-haves:

A flashlight and portable radio with extra batteries to listen to all the latest updates. Also a first aid kit and any prescription medicines. Of course this is Florida, so sunscreen is a must once the storm passes and you're out and about, and if you wear contacts don't forget extra eyeglasses.

Three-day supply of bottled water and canned food with a non-electric can opener. Plus, comfort foods like pretzels and cooks; things that won't go bad.

Make sure you have a change of clothes, some good sturdy shoes, and rain gear, and if you're heading to a shelter bring blankets and sleeping bags.

You may also want to get cash out now because ATMs may be unusable if Ivan heads our way.