Hostage-Takers Face More Charges

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As more details come out about a hostage standoff at the Bay County Jail Sunday night, so do charges against the men accused.

All four inmates are already face kidnapping and attempted escape charges, but now the Sheriff's Office is charging Kevin Winslett, James Norton, Matthew Coffin and Kevin Nix with two counts of aggravated assault.

Nix is also facing attempted felony murder. Sheriff's officials say Nix is the inmate who held a scalpel to nurse Amy Hunt's neck and a hypodermic needle to her chest. They say Nix was using Hunt to shield himself from SWAT Team members who rushed the third floor to take back control of the jail, and it apparently worked.

SWAT Team members accidentally hit Hunt three times in the leg and back. They were aiming for Nix. The inmates claim they staged the takeover to protest substandard conditions, but sheriff negotiators say the four inmates were just looking to get out of jail.