Florida Braces for its Third Major Hurricane in a Month and a Half

Hurricane Ivan is threatening Florida with its 165 mile-per-hour winds. State Meteorologist Ben Nelson says ultimately residents from one end of the state to the other will be affected.

Nelson told reporters, “It will approach toward western Cuba by Sunday night; category four, potentially a five hurricane. It could spread tropical force winds into the Keys as early as Sunday night and we urge all residents along the entire Gulf Coast of the state to make their family preparedness plans to completion. Be prepared to act and heed advise of local emergency management officials.”

Gov. Jeb Bush agrees and says, “In all likelihood it will hit our state. We don’t know exactly where, but this is the time for people in the Panhandle, people on the west coast particularly, to make sure that all of their preparations are complete.”

Preparation is the key, according to Bush.

“So today is a good day to get your supplies and to execute your preparedness plans that are so essential for safety, and know that the team that is assembled from all over the country is working hard to prepare for immediate relief, or relief whenever it’s safe, for the victims of, probable victims of Ivan.”

It all began five weeks ago with Hurricane Charley, and then it was Frances. The governor says the state will continue working together.

“We’re working together to make sure that we continue to provide for the recovery of Charley, for the relief of the people who were hit by Frances and now the preparation for what appears to be an even bigger storm.”

As Hurricane Ivan draws a bead on northwest Florida the state appears to be braced for its third major hurricane hit in just over five weeks. It’s the first time in history that has happened.

“Sometimes I wish that these things wouldn’t all happen in our state all at once, but if there was a place that can rebound from this, it’s Florida. People here, I think they’re doing extraordinarily fine work to help their neighbor and to prepare themselves for yet another storm and I’m proud to be governor of the state of Florida because of the citizens and residents here,” says Gov. Bush.