Getting Ready

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Tall trees offer shade during the hot summers, but during a hurricane they can become a threat to your home. Clear away shrubbery or tree limbs touching the house, especially the roof.

George Schraeder is a certified arborist and works for American Tree Services. He says most damage can be prevented.

"I've seen a lot of homes lost, not because of a large tree fell on the home, but because of the limbs that would thrash up against the side. They loosen up the roof material and then the whole roof would then come off."

Make sure limbs are clear of phone and cable lines because trees can bring the wires down and wipe out the connection.

"Most homeowners need to get outside while it's calm and take a look around and look for conflicts with trees, because a lot of the things can be prevented such as the thrashing of small limbs against the roof."

People aren't just taking care of their homes, the Bay Point Marina is slowly clearing out while workers clean up any loose items from the dock.

Scott Burt, the harbormaster, says the best place for a boat is out of the water.

"The best thing in a case like this is get the boats out of the marina. Either haul them out to a boatyard or take them to safe harbor and hurricane anchorage, but the marina is not a good environment," Scott says.

It’s not a good environment for anyone or anything expecting to ride out a storm like Ivan.